Philip Werner Metz

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We present the first semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SESAM) mode-locked praseodymium solid-state laser. The laser is based on a Pr(3+):LiYF(4) crystal as gain medium and a GaInP-quantum well-based SESAM. Self-starting continuous-wave mode-locked laser operation with an average output power of 16 mW is achieved at a center wavelength of 639.5 nm.(More)
We report efficient cw laser operation of laser diode pumped Pr(3+)-doped LiYF4 crystals in the visible spectral region. Using two InGaN laser diodes emitting at λ(P)=443.9 nm with maximum output power of 1 W each and a 2.9-mm-long crystal with a doping concentration of 0.5%, output powers of 938 mW, 418 mW, 384 mW, and 773 mW were achieved for the laser(More)
Waveguides were fabricated in a 5 mm long Pr(0.5 at%):LiYF4 (YLF) crystal with a femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser system. Waveguiding was achieved inside a core surrounded by eight single modified tracks building a rhombic structure. The waveguide was pumped at a wavelength of 444 nm with an InGaN laser diode. Orange and deep red laser oscillation were(More)
Laser experiments with Pr(3+):LiYF4 under excitation with a frequency doubled optically pumped semiconductor laser emitting 5 W at 479 nm were performed at seven different laser wavelengths of 523, 546, 604, 607, 640, 698, and 720 nm. At all these wavelengths the output power exceeded 1 W. The best performance at 523 nm with an output power of 2.9 W at a(More)
Waveguides were inscribed into a 9.5 mm long periodically poled KTiOPO4 crystal with a Ti:sapphire femtosecond-laser. Waveguiding was achieved between two parallel written tracks with spacings of 17-19 μm. The fundamental power of 1.6 W for frequency doubling in the waveguide was delivered by a continuous wave Ti:sapphire laser at a wavelength of 943.18 nm.(More)
We report the fabrication and visible laser operation of Pr,Mg:SrAl12O19 waveguides. Waveguiding structures were created by focusing the radiation of a femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser into bulk material. Guiding losses were determined to be as low as 0.12 dB cm(-1) at 632.8 nm. By employing a frequency-doubled optically pumped semiconductor laser, waveguide(More)
We present laser results obtained from a Dy³⁺-Tb³⁺ co-doped LiLuF₄ crystal, pumped by a blue emitting InGaN laser diode, aiming for generation of a compact 578 nm source. We exploit the yellow Dy³⁺ transition ⁴F(9/2)⇒⁶H(13/2) to generate yellow laser emission. The lifetime of the lower laser level is quenched, via energy transfer, to co-doped Tb³⁺ ions in(More)
We report on the first results of diode pumped laser operation of Pr3+:LaF3 in a quasi continuous wave (qcw) mode with average output powers of up to 80.0 mW (≈ 161.3 mW qcw) and a maximum slope efficiency of 37% at 719.8 nm. Furthermore it was possible to operate the laser at 537.1 nm and 635.4 nm and to tune the emission wavelength from 609 nm to 623 nm.(More)
In this Letter, we report on laser operation of Pr3+,Mg2+:SrAl12O19 pumped by a frequency-doubled optically pumped semiconductor laser. By employing a V-type cavity, we demonstrate cw laser operation at room temperature in the green spectral range in a doped oxide host for the first time to the best of our knowledge. Furthermore, efficient laser operation(More)
We report on wide spectral tunability of a quasi-continuous wave Pr(3+):KY(3)F(10) laser under InGaN laser diode excitation at 445 nm. The total tuning range exceeded 100 nm in the visible spectral range on several intervals between 521 nm and 737 nm. The broadest continuously tunable region of almost 50 nm extended from 688 nm to 737 nm. Furthermore we(More)