Philip Walters

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In two patients with insulinomas a rapid rate of disappearance of insulin from the circulation was found after the tumours had been removed. In a third case the rate of disappearance was slower but the insulin was not immunologically identical to normal human insulin standards, as it was in the other two cases.
A dose-response study in carcinogenesis was carried out with N-nitrosomorpholine in female F344 rats. The compound was administered in drinking water, which was supplied in controlled amounts of 20 ml per day per rat, 5 days a wk. At the two highest dose rates, 100 mg/liter and 40 mg/liter, treatment lasted 25 and 40 wk, respectively. At the other dose(More)
Four test conditions of increasing complexity were used to evaluate the clinical efficacy of amniotic membranes as biologic dressings on donor sites and burn wounds in children. These were the clean-skin donor-site wound, the uncontaminated shallow partial-thickness burn wound, the bed of freshly excised full-thickness wounds, and the granulating surface of(More)
Retrieving the distribution of droplet size in a poly-dispersed system from spectral turbidity data is essentially a process of finding a solution to the integral equation involved. Three well-established methods are available: modeling the unknown distribution with an empirical function, an analytical method where the light-scattering kernel is(More)
Digestion in the larger black flour beetle, Cynaeus angustus (LeConte), was studied to identify new control methods for this pest of stored grains and grain products. The physiological pH of the larval gut, as measured with extracts in water, was approximately 6.1, and the pH for optimal hydrolysis of casein by gut extracts was 6.2 when buffers were(More)
Prudhoe Bay crude oil (PBCO) and its aliphatic, aromatic and heterocyclic fractions were tested on the developing chick embryo for (i) embryotoxicity (ii) their ability to induce hepatic and renal cytochrome P450 levels as well as hepatic, renal and pulmonary aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase activities. On the basis of its concentration in PBCO, the aromatic(More)
Small amounts of excess autograft are commonly harvested during burn procedures, and typically these are discarded. However, the resources of a local skin bank may be used to preserve this tissue for a later autologous use. This has been a routine practice in our institution and we feel that it has impacted favorably on patient care. In this paper we report(More)
RETINITIS pigmentosa in man is an hereditary disease of unknown aetiology. It is characterized by a chronic and progressive course. Although not clinically manifest at birth, it reveals itself in childhood by the presence of night-blindness, and in adolescence by the onset of retinal changes. It frequently results in blindness in middle or advanced life.(More)