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OBJECTIVES This study determined the prevalence of food insecurity and hunger in low-income legal immigrants. METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional survey of Latino and Asian legal immigrants attending urban clinics and community centers in California, Texas, and Illinois with a food security questionnaire. RESULTS Among 630 respondents, 40% of the(More)
We investigated the effects of the overexpression of two enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP)-tagged α1sDHPR variants on Ca2+ currents (ICa), charge movements (Q) and SR Ca2+ release of muscle fibres isolated from adult mice. Flexor digitorum brevis (FDB)muscles were transfected by in vivo electroporation with plasmids encoding for EGFP-α1sDHPR-wt and(More)
BACKGROUND An ASGE-ACG task force developed quality indicators (QI) for documenting quality endoscopic procedures. Acceptable compliance rates have not been determined. AIMS To determine our degree of compliance to the intra-procedure colonoscopy QI prior to intervention, design an educational intervention to improve those with low compliance, and to(More)
BACKGROUND Children in out-of-home care have well-documented health and developmental needs. Research suggests that Aboriginal children in care have unmet health and intervention needs. In metropolitan Sydney, Kari Aboriginal Resources Inc. (KARI), an Aboriginal organization, provides support to indigenous children in care, including clinical assessment and(More)
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