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—This paper describes two robot systems designed for urban search and rescue (USAR). Usability tests were conducted to compare the two interfaces developed for human-robot interaction (HRI) in this domain, one of which emphasized three-dimensional mapping while the other design emphasized the video feed. We found that participants desired a combination of(More)
We developed and characterized a model of global forebrain ischaemia in rats, permitting control of CBF at any desired ischaemic level with minimum surgery and without anticoagulation. Both common carotid arteries are occluded temporarily and systemic arterial pressure is lowered by pooling venous blood by lower body negative pressure with a cheap suction(More)
This paper describes the UMass Lowell entry into the Scavenger Hunt Competition at the AAAI-2005 Robot Competition and Exhibition. The scavenger hunt entry was built on top of the system we have been developing for urban search and rescue (USAR) research. The system includes new behaviors and behavior sequencing, vision algorithms and sensor processing(More)
Administration to anaesthetized rats of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA 30 nmol ICV) induced a profound derangement of stimulation evoked potential (f-SEP) and also autonomic excitation with an increase in arterial blood pressure and heart rate. These effects were antagonised by pretreatment with dizocilpine (0.5 mg/kg IV). Pretreatment with chlormethiazole (20(More)
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