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The Extent of Regulatory Consensus on Health and Safety Expenditure: Part 1: Development of the J-Value Technique and Evaluation of Regulators’ Recommendations
The new J-value technique is developed from a life-quality index that is a function of life expectancy, average income and work-life balance. The method is used to assess the degree of consensus onExpand
The Age of Melancholy: Major Depression and its Social Origins
  • Philip Thomas
  • Computer Science
  • BMJ : British Medical Journal
  • 6 July 2006
Dan G Blazer's central thesis is that the waning of social psychiatry and the rise of biological psychiatry are related, and he develops this idea to argue the case for a new form of social Psychiatry. Expand
The value of advocacy: putting ethics into practice
It is argued that advocacy has a key role to play in mediating the dangers of unchecked medical paternalism in psychiatry, with the introduction of assertive out reach teams and compulsory treatment in the community. Expand
Structural view independence: A criterion for judging the objectivity of economic parameters measured by opinion survey
Abstract Economic measurements have a great influence over all our lives, but as with other soft measurements, significant effort is needed to ensure their objectivity. This is particularly true ofExpand
The impact of melatonin on the sleep patterns of women undergoing IVF: a double blind RCT
Melatonin can be used twice per day at high doses to achieve sustained antioxidation effects, with the reassurance that this will not negatively impact daytime sleepiness or night time sleep habits, the sample size is small and may have missed a clinically significant difference. Expand
Considerations in relation to off-site emergency procedures and response for nuclear accidents
The operation of nuclear facilities has, fortunately, not led to many accidents with off-site consequences. However, it is well-recognised that should a large release of radioactivity occur, theExpand
The River, The Road, and The Rural–Urban Divide: A Postcolonial Moral Geography from Southeast Madagascar
In this article, I analyze how ideas of attachment to place and the experience of political and economic marginality combine to produce a particular moral geography for people of the ManambondroExpand
Determining the indeterminate1
Taking classic works of the American experimental movement as the primary focus for discussion, this article examines the nature of interpretative decisions both before and during a performance. TheExpand
Changing the System: The Music of Christian Wolff
Contents: Foreword, Michael Parsons Preface, Stephen Chase and Philip Thomas Part I Reception, History: 'Our Webern': Cage and Feldman's devotion to Christian Wolff, Michael Hicks Christian Wolff inExpand