Philip Thomas Ashton

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Construction projects are often described as being complex; however, the relationship between project complexity and other key project components such as risk and uncertainty is not widely established. As part of a global research project aimed at establishing the impact of project complexity at the pre construction stage, research has been carried out to(More)
This paper is part of a global research aimed at developing a system that could be used in practice to objectively measure the level of risk associated with an inadequate site investigation. The work described in this paper has developed a Project and Site Investigation Information Evaluation Program (PSIIEP), designed to evaluate and place an index of(More)
Hematological malignancies are most common in individuals over 60 years who are least responsive to current treatments. Immunotherapy strategies could improve outcome in patients otherwise refractory to standard treatment. Most leukemia associated antigens (LAAs) that could be potential targets of immunotherapy regimens are overexpressed non-mutated(More)
In contrast to earlier research, Watson and Protinsky (1991) found that African American students did not experience identity foreclosure to a greater extent than did their Caucasian peers. Watson and Protinsky, however, examined only ideological identity. The purpose of the present study was to extend this line of research by examining identity development(More)
Unternehmen sehen sich zunehmend vor der Herausforderung, qualifizierte Nachwuchskräfte zu finden und erfahrene, ältere Mitarbeiter bis zur Rente im Unternehmen zu halten. Arbeitsfähigkeit und körperliche Aktivität beeinflussen die Leistungsfähigkeit des Mitarbeiters. Die vorliegende Studie untersucht die Faktoren Arbeitsfähigkeit und körperliche Aktivität(More)
Work-related physical activity (PA) and work ability are of growing importance in modern working society. There is evidence for age- and job-related differences regarding PA and work ability. This study analyses work ability and work-related PA of employees in a medium-sized business regarding age and occupation. The total sample consists of 148 employees(More)