Philip Thielen

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Thirty healthy gravid patients of six to 20 weeks' gestation each received a single dose of 7.5 mg of amikacin/kg within 24 hr prior to elective hysterectomy. The half-life (t1/2) of amikacin in maternal serum was 2.07 hr. The mean peak concentration of amikacin in the sera of these patients was slightly lower than that in nonpregnant adults. Two-thirds of(More)
We reveal an explicit strategy to design the magneto-optic response of a magneto-plasmonic crystal by correlating near- and far-fields effects. We use photoemission electron microscopy to map the spatial distribution of the electric near-field on a nanopatterned magnetic surface that supports plasmon polaritons. By using different photon energies and(More)
Recently, research has revealed that molecules can be used to steer the local spin properties of ferromagnetic surfaces. One possibility to manipulate ferromagnetic-metal-molecule interfaces in a controlled way is to synthesize specific, non-magnetic molecules to obtain a desired interaction with the ferromagnetic substrate. Here, we have synthesized(More)
To evaluate maternal-fetal pharmacology of cefatrizine (BL-S 640), a new oral cephalosporin, a single oral 1,000-mg dose was administered to 33 gravidas (8 to 20 weeks' gestation) at varying intervals within 46 h of an elective therapeutic abortion by hysterectomy or intra-amniotic prostaglandin F(2a) induction. Mean maternal serum concentrations at 1, 2,(More)
Spin filtering at organic-metal interfaces is often determined by the details of the interaction between the organic molecules and the inorganic magnets used as electrodes. Here we demonstrate a spin-filtering mechanism based on the dynamical spin relaxation of the long-living interface states formed by the magnet and weakly physisorbed molecules. We(More)
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