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Responding to social, economic, and technological trends which make games the most powerful medium for reaching young learners, The Education Arcade project, based in the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program, seeks to prototype games that teach, develop curricular materials which support existing commercial titles, and help prepare teachers to use games in(More)
Breast carcinomas < or = 1 cm in size (T1a,b) are being detected more frequently as a result of screening. Because traditional prognostic parameters are either lacking (tumor size) or rare (nodal metastases), a marker(s) is needed to identify the subset of patients who could benefit from adjuvant therapy. A retrospective series of 202 patients with stage(More)
HeLaHF cells are transformation revertants of cervical cancer HeLa cells and have lost anchorage-independent growth potential and tumorigenicity. Activation of tumor suppressor(s) was implicated previously in this transformation reversion. In this study, expression profiling analysis was carried out to identify potential oncogenes that are down-regulated in(More)
The COntext INterchange (COIN) strategy is an approach to solving the problem of interoperability of semantically heterogeneous data sources through context mediation. COIN has used its own notation and syntax for representing ontologies. More recently, the OWL Web Ontology Language is becoming established as the W3C recommended ontology language. We(More)
The inclusion of a practicum is one of the main challenges in the game studies curriculum, especially when it comes to teaching professional practices to students. This paper presents how professional management methodologies (Scrum, in this case) can be related to models of Situated Learning, as we demonstrate through our case study, the Singapore-MIT(More)
We use probabilistic boolean networks to simulate the pathogenesis of Dengue Hemorraghic Fever (DHF). Based on Chaturvedi's work, the strength of cytokine influences are modeled stochastically as inducement probabilities. Two basins of attractors are observed with synchronous updating; the Null Infection cycle attractor shows an expected cross-regulation of(More)
PURPOSE CD20-directed therapy with rituximab is effective in many patients with malignant lymphoma or follicular lymphoma. However, relapse frequently occurs within 1 year, and patients become increasingly refractory to retreatment. Our purpose was to produce a compact, single-chain CD20-targeting immunotherapeutic that could offer therapeutic advantages in(More)
The effects of special relativity are not immediately observable in our everyday lives, so we tend to lack an intuition about them. For this reason, special relativity is often considered too abstract a concept for introductory physics courses. Games may provide one solution to this problem. In this paper, we introduce A Slower Speed of Light, a game by the(More)