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An on-site comparative study was carried out on the effects of video display terminal (VDT) and non-VDT work on visual functions in two working populations in the same office environment. Both continuous VDT usage in a training situation over a few days and intermittent VDT usage in a normal working situation were assessed and particular attention paid to(More)
Malate synthases (MS) from Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) and S. clavuligerus NRRL3585 were cloned by polymerase chain reaction into a glutathione S-transferase (GST) fusion expression vector and heterologously expressed in Escherichia coli. The fusion GST–MS construct improved the soluble expression of MS by approximately 10-fold compared to the soluble(More)
We performed a vision screening of 1883 Chinese schoolchildren from 4 schools around Kuala Lumpur in June 1990. The group contained 1083-males and 800 females. Visual acuity, refractive error, oculomotor balance, and axial length were measured. The prevalence of myopia in Chinese schoolchildren was found to be 37% in the 6- to 12-year age group and 50% in(More)
  • P T Yeow
  • 1994
A cross-sectional study on a normal clinical myopic population reveals that there is a difference in the pattern of myopic progression between Malays and Chinese in Malaysia. It shows that while myopia in Malays stays relatively constant throughout 10 to 50 years of age, myopia in Chinese progresses rapidly from 10 to 20 years of age, after which it starts(More)
An opportunity arose in 1985 to become involved in a transition of working practice from hard copy to VDT. Over a two-year period, 161 VDT users and 65 control subjects in the same office environment were regularly and routinely examined for symptoms of asthenopia. The analysis of data shows that there are no significant differences in type, number and(More)
Since their rapid introduction into the workplace visual display terminals (VDT's) have been the source of a number of studies aimed at detecting effects on office workers. The published studies have been either short-term or cross-sectional, with one exception. The results have shown varying degrees of relation but by not having a comparable control group(More)
The Context Interchange strategy is a novel approach in solving heterogeneous data source interoperability problem through context mediation. In the recent implementation, a FOL language is used in the modeling and implementation of the application ontologies. In this project, we close the gap between COIN and Semantic Web by adopting the use of W3C(More)
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