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The discourse of American civil society: A new proposal for cultural studies
In this essay we make a new proposal for the sociological approach to culture. We begin with a brief critical history of the social scientific treatment of culture and a criticism of some recentExpand
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Cultural Theory: An Introduction
Preface to the First Edition: About this Book. Preface to the Second Edition. Acknowledgments. Introduction: What is Culture? What is Cultural Theory? 1 Culture in Classical Social Theory. 2 CultureExpand
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Researching the visual
This exciting Second Edition provides an overview of the field of visual research by drawing on the contributions of traditions as diverse as semiotics, ethnomethodology, symbolic interactionism andExpand
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Individual and Societal Bases of National Identity. A Comparative Multi‐Level Analysis
In a previous study (Jones and Smith, 1999) we established that much the same core pattern of national identity characterizes many developed countries. Using the national identity module from theExpand
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Diversity and Commonality in National Identities: An Exploratory Analysis of Cross-National Patterns
Issues of boundary maintenance are implicit in all studies of national identity. By definition, national communities consist of those who are included but surrounded (literally or metaphorically) byExpand
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Culture and Charisma: Outline of a Theory
From the work of Weber onwards charisma has been primarily explained in terms of its relationship to underlying social structural and psychological environments. The paper redresses this imbalanceExpand
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Executing executions: Aesthetics, identity, and the problematic narratives of capital punishment ritual
Despite some two-hundred years of debate, capital punishment remains one of the most hotly contested and widely discussed topics of both public and academic discourse. Scarcely a week goes by withoutExpand
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Cosmopolitan beliefs and cosmopolitan practices
The field of cosmopolitanism research, for several years the topic of a mostly theoretical elaboration, is presently on the cusp of an empirical moment where research questions are specified andExpand
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Climate Change as Social Drama: Global Warming in the Public Sphere
On a landscape of high-quality science and increasing policy sophistication regarding the intricacies of 21st-century anthropogenic climate change, climate conversations are generally stuck.Expand
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Collective Belonging and Mass Media Consumption: Unraveling how Technological Medium and Cultural Genre Shape the National Imaginings of Australians
Sociological literature lacks a firm evidentiary base with respect to how mass media usage works to forge patterns of collective attachment among socially diverse individuals within contemporaryExpand
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