Philip Sibson

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Improvement in secure transmission of information is an urgent need for governments, corporations and individuals. Quantum key distribution (QKD) promises security based on the laws of physics and has rapidly grown from proof-of-concept to robust demonstrations and deployment of commercial systems. Despite these advances, QKD has not been widely adopted,(More)
We demonstrate, for the first time, a secure optical network architecture that combines NFV orchestration and SDN control with quantum key distribution (QKD) technology. A novel time-shared QKD network design is presented as a cost-effective solution for practical networks. Introduction Network function virtualization (NFV) promises significant network(More)
We demonstrate a fully integrated photonic transmitter and receiver for time-bin based multi-protocol quantum key distribution. This GHz rate Indium Phosphide device prepares states for Coherent One Way (COW), Differential Phase Shift (DPS), and BB84 protocols and is decoded by a Silicon Oxynitride (Triplex) receiver. Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is one(More)
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