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Leadership in administration
Foundations of the Theory of Organization
T RADES unions, governments, business corporations, political parties, and the like are formal structures in the sense that they represent rationally ordered instruments for the achievement of statedExpand
Leadership in Administration: A Sociological Interpretation
Preface 1. Introduction 2. Routine and Critical Decisions 3. The Definition of Mission and Role 4. The Institutional Embodiment of Purpose 5. Conclusion Index
The Moral Commonwealth: Social Theory and the Promise of Community
Philip Selznick's study of moral and social theory establishes the intellectual foundations of an important new movement in American thought: communitarianism. Emerging in part as a response to theExpand
Law, Society, and Industrial Justice.
The Communitarian Persuasion
The communitarian movement aims to balance the individual liberties prized by modernity with the health of the community in which those liberties are exercised. The movement arose in 1980s America-aExpand