Philip Rubens

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This work demonstrates that pressure-induced partially unfolded states play a very important role in the aggregation of proteins. The high-pressure unfolding of horse heart metmyoglobin results in an intermediate form that shows a strong tendency to aggregate after pressure release. These aggregates are similar to those that are usually observed upon(More)
The gelatinization of rice starch is reported as a function of temperature and pressure from the changes in the ir spectrum. The diagram that is observed is reminiscent of those obtained for the denaturation of proteins and the phase separation observed from the cloud point for several water soluble synthetic polymers. It is proposed that the reentrant(More)
FTIR spectroscopy was used to characterize and compare the temperature- and pressure-induced unfolding of ribonuclease A and a set of its variants engineered in a hydrophobic region of the C-terminal part of the molecule postulated as a CFIS. The results show for all the ribonucleases investigated, a cooperative, two-state, reversible unfolding transition(More)
If one attempts to define the salient features of a conventional sign system, one could suggest that it will have three aspects: leveling, sharpening, and assimilation El]. Leveling simply means that extraneous detail and objects have been deleted. Sharpening involves making the remaining detail stand-out from the background. Finally, assimilation means(More)
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