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This paper is concerned with developing methods for the propagation of linear waves in several space dimensions. The methods are time-reversible, and hence free from numerical dissipation. They are based on bicharacteristic forms of the governing equations, and are made possible by adopting forms of staggered storage that depend on the precise equations(More)
Cancer research outputs in India have expanded greatly in recent years, with some concomitant increase in their citation scores. Part of the increase in output is attributable to greater coverage in the Web of Science of Indian journals, which are more clinical than international ones, and much less often cited. Other measures of esteem have also increased,(More)
This paper describes the process by which almost all authors of papers in the Web of Science (WoS) can be characterised by their sex and ethnicity or national background, based on their names. These are compared with two large databases of surnames and given names to determine to which of some 160 different ethnic groups they are most likely to belong.(More)
Malaysia has three main ethnic communities: Chinese, Indians and Malays. At independence in 1957, the Chinese dominated commercial life, and this led to ethnic tensions and finally riots. As a result in 1969 Malaysia introduced a “New Economic Policy” (NEP) to promote Malays in all areas of activity, and in particular to assist them to obtain basic and(More)
INTRODUCTION Lung cancer is the leading cause of years of life lost because of cancer and is associated with the highest economic burden relative to other tumor types. Research remains at the cornerstone of achieving improved outcomes of lung cancer. We present the results of a comprehensive analysis of global lung cancer research between 2004 and 2013 (10(More)
It is noted that certain common linear wave operators have the property that linear variation of the initial data gives rise to onedimensional evolution in a plane defined by time and some direction in space. The analysis is given for operators arising in acoustics, electromagnetics, elastodynamics, and an abstract system. Accesion For NTIS CQPA&I(More)
This paper uses two large databases, one of given names and one of family names, to categorise the names of researchers from Italy, Sweden, the UK and the USA whose papers in astronomy and oncology were published in 2006–2007 and in 2011–2012 by sex (gender) and ethnicity or national origin. For all the countries, there were relatively many more females(More)
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