Philip R Miller

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Electrospun scaffolds have been studied extensively for their potential use in bone tissue engineering applications. However, inherent issues with the electrospinning approach limit the thickness of these scaffolds and constrain their use for repair of critical-sized bone defects. One method to increase overall scaffold thickness is to bond multiple(More)
Due to their ability to serve as fluorophores and drug delivery vehicles, quantum dots are a powerful tool for theranostics-based clinical applications. In this study, microneedle devices for transdermal drug delivery were fabricated by means of two-photon polymerization of an acrylate-based polymer. We examined proliferation of cells on this polymer using(More)
In this study, carbon fiber electrodes were incorporated within a hollow microneedle array, which was fabricated using a digital micromirror device-based stereolithography instrument. Cell proliferation on the acrylate-based polymer used in microneedle fabrication was examined with human dermal fibroblasts and neonatal human epidermal keratinocytes. Studies(More)
The design and characterization of a microneedle array-based carbon paste electrode towards minimally invasive electrochemical sensing are described. Arrays consisting of 3 × 3 pyramidal microneedle structures, each with an opening of 425 µm, were loaded with a metallized carbon paste transducer. The renewable nature of carbon paste electrodes enables the(More)
The development of a microneedle-based biosensor array for multiplexed in situ detection of exercise-induced metabolic acidosis, tumor microenvironment, and other variations in tissue chemistry is described. Simultaneous and selective amperometric detection of pH, glucose, and lactate over a range of physiologically relevant concentrations in complex media(More)
Electrospun scaffolds have been used extensively for tissue engineering applications due to the simple processing scheme and versatility. However, many additional benefits can be imparted to these materials via post-processing techniques. Specifically the addition of structured pores on the micro-scale can offer a method to enable patterned cell adhesion,(More)
We report on the development of a microneedle-based multiplexed drug delivery actuator that enables the controlled delivery of multiple therapeutic agents. Two individually-addressable channels on a single microneedle array, each paired with its own reservoir and conducting polymer nanoactuator, are used to deliver various permutations of two unique(More)
The growth in vitro of several potato cultivars (Désirée, Record, Foxton, Golden Wonder) on media containing plant growth regulators has been studied with a view to accelerating micropropagation of slow-growing cultivars. Whilst 1 mg/l GA3 substantially increased the height of plantlets of most cultivars, the combination of 1 mg/l GA3+0.1 mg/l NAA was more(More)
The development of a minimally invasive multiplexed monitoring system for rapid analysis of biologically-relevant molecules could offer individuals suffering from chronic medical conditions facile assessment of their immediate physiological state. Furthermore, it could serve as a research tool for analysis of complex, multifactorial medical conditions. In(More)