Philip R.K. Turnbull

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A matched case control study was conducted in order to determine the association between previous cholecystectomy and the development of large bowel cancer. One hundred and sixty men and 145 women presenting with large bowel cancer were studied. One control was selected for each case matched according to age, sex and date of admission. The medical records(More)
Eight hundred and sixty patients were preassessed for elective varicose vein and inguinal hernia surgery at Wellington Hospital ion 1975 and 1976. Eight were refused operation on the grounds that they were unfit for general anaesthesia. Forty-nine went forward to operation with no investigations. The remaining 803 underwent a total of 1792 routine(More)
AIMS To examine in detail a series of coproxamol overdose deaths in order to provide information that will assist in the development of strategies to prevent such fatalities. METHOD Inquest records in 24 coroners' jurisdictions in England on deaths between January 2000 and December 2001 which received a verdict of either suicide or undetermined cause(More)
Dopexamine, a new compound with postjunctional dopamine receptor activating and beta adrenoceptor agonist properties, was given to 10 patients with chronic heart failure at diagnostic cardiac catheterisation to investigate its acute haemodynamic and metabolic effects. The drug was administered by intravenous infusion in three incremental doses and produced(More)
A review of patients with large-bowel cancer at a major New Zealand hospital showed an excess of right-sided colonic tumors in females compared with males. These observations stimulated analysis of the National Cancer Registry registration data for large-bowel cancer for the whole of New Zealand in the years 1972 to 1975 (4678 patients). Rates for each site(More)
A retrospective study of three hundred patients with colorectal cancer seen during a five-year period at Wellington Hospital is presented. The age incidence, anatomical distribution, tumour stage and incidence of intestinal obstruction differ from those reported in most other series. There is no correlation between delay in presentation and Dukes stage. It(More)
BACKGROUND Suicide by self-poisoning is an important cause of death worldwide. A substantial proportion of those with a fatal outcome may come into contact with medical services before they die. AIM To estimate the proportion of self-poisoning suicides who reached hospital alive; to compare those who reached hospital alive with those who did not; to(More)
Eyes with refractive error have reduced visual acuity and are rarely found in the wild. Vertebrate eyes possess a visually guided emmetropisation process within the retina which detects the sign of defocus, and regulates eye growth to align the retina at the focal plane of the eye's optical components to avoid the development of refractive error, such as(More)