Philip Palmisano

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Chloral hydrate (CH) is a widely used oral sedative hypnotic drug. Our Regional Poison Control Center frequently receives calls regarding unintentional and intentional chloral hydrate overdose. The chief manifestations of toxicity are due to central nervous system depressant action and its arrhythmogenic potential. After absorption, it is immediately(More)
In spite of having been the object of a number of studies, the association of morphologic and functional alterations of the pancreas with liver cirrhosis is as yet controversial. Therefore, the authors have studied exocrine pancreatic function in 40 patients: 8 with alcoholic cirrhosis, 18 with non-alcoholic cirrhosis, and 14 without evidence of(More)
This research provides an epidemiologic analysis of pedestrian-related injury discharges from The Children's Hospital of Alabama in Birmingham, utilizing a case-control design. Evidence is provided supporting the racial disproportionality of serious, nonfatal pedestrian injuries in children. These data indicate that pedestrian injuries resulting in(More)