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OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of elevated urinary mercury (Hg), as a marker of exposure, in a population of children drawn from an inner-city community with documented access to elemental mercury. METHODS A prospective consecutive patient series was conducted from November 1998 to January 1999 at an inner-city clinic in New York. Anonymous urine(More)
To examine the association between exposure to Reach Out and Read and vocabulary outcomes in children, a consecutive sample of 200 parent/child pairs was studied at two inner-city health centers. Children at clinic A were exposed to Reach Out and Read, a clinic-based literacy intervention, for 3 years at the time of the study; children at clinic B were(More)
BACKGROUND Psychosocial factors can limit one's ability to effectively manage asthma. This can result in asthma morbidity that limits quality of life. While self-perceptions of asthmatic children and parents have been studied, less is known about self-perceptions of inner-city adolescents with asthma. OBJECTIVE To examine perceptions and attitudes to(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate asthma management policies and protocols in Bronx, New York, public elementary schools in light of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Resolution on Asthma Management in Schools. An anonymous survey was conducted in November 2001 of principals, teachers, counselors, and nurses at five Bronx(More)
BACKGROUND Health literacy measures the degree to which individuals understand health information. It has not been studied among parents with limited English proficiency (LEP). OBJECTIVE We aimed to determine how well Spanish-speaking Latino parents with LEP understood the written instructions accompanying a routinely prescribed medication. DESIGN AND(More)
Many people on the waiting list for organ donation die each year without receiving organs. The shortage of organs is even more pronounced in minority communities. Despite the fact that minorities are at higher risk, they may be less likely to support or consent to organ donation. This investigation was undertaken to study racial factors in organ donation,(More)
BACKGROUND About 40% of adult Americans use complementary or alternative medicine (CAM) for health problems. OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of reported use of CAM in a population of urban adolescents with asthma. DESIGN/METHODS We used a multistaged, stratified sample approach at an inner-city high school. An asthma screening survey was(More)
Well-child care is the main source of preventive health care for children in the United States. Repeated examinations of healthy children during health supervision visits are used to assess biomedical health, development, behavior, and family functioning. In addition, well-child care serves to provide parent education through age appropriate counseling(More)