Philip Mutch

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A possible association between environmental exposure to benomyl and anophthalmia has been suggested. The aim of the present study was to investigate potential teratogenic effects of benomyl using the 9.5 day rat embryo culture method using rat and human serum. Explanted rat embryos were cultured in rat serum (n=121) or human serum (n=90) with differing(More)
The development of an organ culture system for growing prenatal intercostal muscle in vitro and its use to study gene function is described. Fetal skeletal muscle is relatively inaccessible during the key stages of its development, and this method enables DNA transfections and other manipulations to be carried out. The system allows cell proliferation and(More)
BACKGROUND  Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic debilitating functional gastrointestinal disorder. Diet and lifestyle changes are important management strategies. The aim of these guidelines is to systematically review key aspects of the dietary management of IBS, with the aim of providing evidence-based guidelines for use by registered dietitians.(More)
Special consideration must be given to providing key risk nutrients in planning food guides for vegetarians especially if the diet chosen excludes all animal products, such as dairy foods and eggs. The practical use of food guides for education is also important. Several food guides for adult vegans, including pregnant vegan women, were analyzed by computer(More)
Under the European Commission's New Chemical Policy both currently used and new chemicals should be tested for their toxicities in several areas, one of which was reproductive/developmental toxicity. Thousands of chemicals will need testing which will require a large number of laboratory animals. In vitro systems (as pre-screens or as validated(More)
The effect of dietary zinc deficiency during late pregnancy and lactation on the rat mammary gland was investigated by feeding female rats either a zinc-deficient diet (0.4 ppm Zn) or a zinc-sufficient diet (100 ppm Zn) ad libitum or restricted in amount. Zinc deficiency from day 0 of lactation specifically reduced the total RNA content of lactating mammary(More)
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