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Patient care can be intense and stressful, especially in emergency care situations. Emergency care has two parts, field care by a paramedic and in-hospital care. Paramedics often consult with physicians before the patient reaches the hospital. To do this effectively, they must convey the patient's condition rapidly and effectively. Upon hospital arrival(More)
The next frontier of sensor networking is integration: building operational systems that meet business requirements and integrate with existing business processes. We describe an industrial deployment and the system architecture that overcomes challenges in energy efficiency, system reliability, data fidelity, and flexible integration. We evaluate the(More)
In emergency medicine, patient care is intense and stressful, often requiring paramedics to consult with remote physicians to convey the patient's condition. We present a framework for context-management in telemedicine developed in collaboration between engineers, physicians, and paramedics. We describe a mobile platform and embedded wireless sensors to(More)
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