Philip Morton

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Conventionally, software tools for the design of bioprocesses have provided only limited business-related information for decision-making. There is an industrial need to investigate manufacturing options and to gauge the impact of various decisions from economic as well as process perspectives. This paper describes the development and use of a tool to(More)
We describe our efforts to use source-level rewriting to optimize run-time program generators written in Jumbo, a run-time program generation system for Java. Jumbo is a compiler written in <i>compositional</i> style, which brings the advantage that any program fragment can be abstracted out and compiled to an intermediate form. These forms can be put(More)
BACKGROUND Animal-free recombinant proteins provide a safe and effective alternative to tissue or serum-derived products for both therapeutic and biomanufacturing applications. While recombinant insulin and albumin already exist to replace their human counterparts in cell culture media, until recently there has been no equivalent for serum transferrin. (More)
Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) have been receiving extensive attention because of the high specific energy density for wide applications such as electronic vehicles, commercial mobile electronics, and military applications. In LIB, graphite is the most commonly used anode material; however, lithium-ion intercalation in graphite is limited, hindering the(More)
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