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The scale invariance of geological material and the consequent absence of a length scale on which to base the upscaling of measurements made on geological samples represent a serious challenge to the prediction of fluid behaviour in rock at economically interesting scales. Numerical simulation is an important tool for understanding constraints in this(More)
With the increasing abundance of technologies and smart devices, equipped with a multitude of sensors for sensing the environment around them, information creation and consumption has now become effortless. This, in particular, is the case for photographs with vast amounts being created and shared every day. For example, at the time of this writing,(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this research was to determine the toxicity and immunological activity of large multivalent immunogen (LMI), a preparation of tumor cell membranes affixed to amorphous silica microbeads, in patients with melanoma. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Nineteen patients with metastatic (stage IV) melanoma were entered into the study, of whom 15(More)
In today's world of internet connected devices and smart phones, it has become effortless to create and consume vast amounts of information. This is particularly the case with photographs, with vast amounts being created and shared online every day. Never-the-less, it still remains a challenge to discover the "right" information for the appropriate purpose.(More)
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