Philip M. Wolfe

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In this paper a methodology is introduced to ease web-based simulation development: component-based development with a decision making bean. Component-based development, which permits use of drag and drop development, can reduce development time significantly since it requires no coding. Also, a decision making bean simplifies definition of logical(More)
In today's highly dynamic, globalized and competitive environment, companies are under pressure to improve their supply chain strategies in order to be more responsive to customer demands. Indeed the geographically distributed nature as well as the differing objectives across these dispersed entities of a supply chain can often lead to difficulties in(More)
This paper describes a meta-architecture, which includes functional segments, events, and a communication link between functional segments and events. Using the object-oriented architecture systems of agents can be analyzed to determine their emergent behavior. In an agent system, each agent iteratively executes its own set of rules during its lifetime.(More)
In this paper, an interactive production simulator is described which can be used to teach modern production planning and control techniques. Using this system the student can experience many of the complexities of a manufacturing environment. Master production scheduling and materials requirements planning capabilities are included in the simulator.
⎯Data quality is an important issue, especially in large-scale data applications such as data warehousing (DW). The validity (a super quality type specialized by accuracy, completeness, consistency, and currency) of data in fact has corresponding impacts on ad-hoc decisions. To ensure quality, improvement actions such as edit check, imputation, and audit et(More)
This paper discusses the problems involved in developing a Java based simulation model of autonomous entities that can navigate themselves in 2-dimensional space. We develop some ideas for solving those problems. The ideas mentioned in this paper can be applied to simulations that have fuzzy logic for navigation, encapsulation for object-oriented(More)