Philip M. Marden

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Style sheets, which are used to specify the appearance of documents, are rapidly growing in their importance for the World Wide Web. Cascading Style Sheets are now in widespread use and work on a future Web standard, the Extensible Style Language (XSL), is proceeding at a rapid pace. In this paper, we show how a diierent style sheet language, PSL,(More)
In 4319 infants examined at birth who were without major birth defects those with a "remarkable" pregnancy outcome, i.e., low birth weight (less than 2500 g), long gestation (greater than or equal to 43 weeks), stillborn, or twin status, were more likely to have a minor birth defect than the remainder. With regard to the 2 most frequent defects, simian(More)
1. ABSTRACT We believe that complex documents can be better understood when the reader is able to choose a presentation style that suits the reader’s task and situation. We have modified NCSA’s WWW browser Mosaic so that it supports this type of user-centered presentation control. The primary change has been the addition of support for style sheets that(More)
M any articles, like Nate Zelnick’s Standards column (“Nifty Technology and Nonconformance: The Web in Crisis,” Computer, Oct. 1998, pp. 115-116, 119), attribute the Web’s continuing development crisis to the failure of commercial browsers to fully implement agreed-upon standards. This is an important issue: Nonconformant and incomplete implementations have(More)