Philip M. Jedrzejewski

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Glycoproteins represent the largest group of the growing number of biologically-derived medicines. The associated glycan structures and their distribution are known to have a large impact on pharmacokinetics. A modelling framework was developed to provide a link from the extracellular environment and its effect on intracellular metabolites to the(More)
Background Glycoproteins make up the bulk of biologically-derived medicines, and are taking up an ever increasing share of the prescription pharmaceuticals market. As opposed to small molecule drugs, glycoproteins are large complex molecules with heterogeneity arising from a multitude of glycan moieties. Glycans are complex post-translation modifications,(More)
Despite the positive effects of mild hypothermic conditions on monoclonal antibody (mAb) productivity (qmAb ) during mammalian cell culture, the impact of reduced culture temperature on mAb Fc-glycosylation and the mechanism behind changes in the glycan composition are not fully established. The lack of knowledge about the regulation of dynamic(More)
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