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The model of scholarly publishing can be reduced, in economic terms, to a Tragedy of the Commons, whereby the individual interests of publishers, libraries and scholars are in conflict with what is in the best interest of the public good. Serials inflation, price discrimination, and site-license pricing are all manifestations of this dysfunctional economic(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the effect of free access to the scientific literature on article downloads and citations. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial. SETTING 11 journals published by the American Physiological Society. PARTICIPANTS 1619 research articles and reviews. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Article readership (measured as downloads of full text, PDFs,(More)
Does PubMed Central--a government-run digital archive of biomedical articles--compete with scientific society journals? A longitudinal, retrospective cohort analysis of 13,223 articles (5999 treatment, 7224 control) published in 14 society-run biomedical research journals in nutrition, experimental biology, physiology, and radiology between February 2008(More)
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