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The Life of a Text; Performing of the Ramcaritmanas of Tulsidas.
The Life of a Text offers a vivid portrait of one community's interaction with its favorite text--the epic Ramcaritmanas--and the way in which performances of the epic function as a flexible andExpand
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Major and Minor
Approved by: University Curriculum, Assessment and Policies Committee History: N/A Related Policies: Institutional (Residency) Credit Requirement for Degree |Expand
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Is There an Indian Way of Filmmaking?
Poet and polymath A. K. Ramanujan once wrote a serious article that he playfully titled, "Is There an Indian Way of Thinking?" It began by querying its own question, for Ramanujan was aware of theExpand
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Monkey in the Middle: The Status of Hanuman in Popular Hinduism
La statut de Hanuman (ou Hanumat) dans l'hindouisme populaire. Hanuman (grand heros), roi des singes, est un personnage celebre de Ramayana
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Like Mother, Like Son
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Hanuman's tale : the messages of a divine monkey
Hanuman, the Hindu monkey-god, is best known in the west for his role in the ancient epic Ramayana (he is also considered the tales first author), in which, as the devoted servant of Rama, the talesExpand
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Ramayan: The Video
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