Philip Leroux

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—Online social networks (OSNs) are becoming increasingly popular every day. The vast amount of data created by users and their actions yields interesting opportunities, both socially and economically. Unfortunately, these online communities are prone to abuse and inappropriate behaviour such as cyber bullying. For victims, this kind of behaviour can lead to(More)
—The huge diffusion of mobile devices is rapidly changing the way multimedia content is consumed. Mobile devices are often used as a second screen, providing complementary information on the content shown on the primary screen, as different camera angles in case of a sport event. The introduction of multiple camera angles poses many challenges with respect(More)
As context-aware (and more specifically location-aware) computing enters the scene of Internet computing, different location determination techniques are widely accepted. Although accuracy of some of them is quite good for fine-grained location data gathering, none of these techniques provides a good balance between cost of ownership (infrastructure),(More)
As the market of globally available online news is large and still growing, there is a strong competition between online publishers in order to reach the largest possible audience. Therefore an intelligent online publishing strategy is of the highest importance to publishers. A prerequisite for being able to optimize any online strategy, is to have(More)
Intelligent and automatic overlays for video streams know an increasing demand in broadcasting and conference systems. These overlays provide information regarding the broadcast or the conference to better engage the end users. In this paper, a platform is presented that employs Linked Data to determine the content of the overlay, based on the current(More)
The purchase and download of new applications on all types of smartphones and tablet computers has become increasingly popular. On each mobile device, many applications are installed, often resulting in crowded icon-based interfaces. In this paper, we present a framework for the prediction of a user's future mobile application usage behavior. On the mobile(More)