Philip Leong

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Real-time hyperspectral image classification is a necessary primitive in many remotely sensed image analysis applications. Previous work has shown that Support Vector Machines (SVMs) can achieve high classification accuracy, but unfortunately it is very computationally expensive.This paper presents a scalable dataflow accelerator on FPGA for real-time SVM(More)
Abstract—This paper presents an architecture for a reconfigurable device which is specifically optimised for floating point applications. Fine-grained units are used for implementing control logic and bit-oriented operations, while parameterised and reconfigurable word-based coarse-grained units incorporating word-oriented lookup tables and floating point(More)
Science is nowhere near to fully understanding the functionalmodel of the brain. Although medicine has advanced enormously over the past decade, most parts of the brain still remain a mystery as to how they function, interact and solve complex problems. Another unanswered question is what happens in the brain during sleep. Medicine has clearly indicated(More)
This paper proposes UniStream, a unified stream architecture based on point-to-point stream channels combining both bitstream configuration and data stream processing. In addition, unified APIs are provided to support bitstream configuration and data stream processing, as well as the stream interconnect. A cost model is also presented for the overhead on(More)