Philip Lafrance

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The NN scattering near inelastic threshold is sensitive to the long-range diagonal interaction in the produced isobar channel. Earlier models included meson exchange potentials in the NN sector and connecting that sector to isobar channels, as well as an R-matrix description of short-range quark effects. Including the diagonal pion exchange contributions in(More)
We introduce the sequence (i n) n≥0 defined by i n = (−1) inv 2 (n) , where inv 2 (n) denotes the number of inversions (i.e., occurrences of 10 as a scattered subsequence) in the binary representation of n. We show that this sequence has many similarities to the classical Rudin–Shapiro sequence. In particular, if S(N) denotes the N-th partial sum of the(More)
Research interests: Structural graph theory with emphasis on (i) distance notions in graphs including graph convexity and the metric dimension in graphs, (ii) graph connectivity, (iii) local structure versus global structure, including Ryjacek's conjecture and (iv) the path partition conjecture. * indicates work with a student or a post-doctoral fellow. 3.(More)
Suppose V is a finite set and C a collection of subsets of V that contains ∅ and V and is closed under taking intersections. Then C is called a convexity and the ordered pair (V, C) is called an aligned space and the elements of C are referred to as convex sets. For a set S ⊆ V , the convex hull of S relative to C, denoted by CHC(S), is the smallest convex(More)
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