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History of Electrical Neuromodulation for Chronic Pain
Houston, Texas, USA ABSTRACT Electrical stimulation of the nervous system has a long history, starting in ancient Rome, progress- ing through the 19th century, and being applied with scientificExpand
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Textbook of stereotactic and functional neurosurgery
History of Stereotactic Surgery.- Imaging in Stereotactic Surgery.- Stereotactic Targeting.- Image Guided Neurosurgery.- Stereotactic Radiosurgery.- Functional Neurosurgery - Technical Aspects.-Expand
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General Concepts of Stereotactic Surgery
Stereotactic surgery is that field of neurosurgery in which an apparatus is employed to direct an electrode or probe to an intracerebral target with minimal damage to overlying structures.Expand
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New head-positioning system for use with computed tomographic scanning.
A new head-positioning system has been developed to hold the head firmly during the performance of a computed tomograhic scan and to position the head reproducibly during repeat scans. This can beExpand
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NEWS President's Message
This is a wonderful time to be involved with stereotactic and functional neurosurgery. Activity is at an all-time high. Technologic advances are proceeding at a record pace. More and moreExpand
Administration automatisée d'une substance thérapeutique ou cosmétique dans des régions tissulaires cutanées, sous-cutanées et intramusculaires
L'invention porte sur des systemes et des procedes automatises pour l'administration d'une substance therapeutique ou cosmetique dans le tissu cutane, sous-cutane ou intramusculaire, consistant aExpand
Systemes et procedes automatises d’extraction et d’implantation d’unites folliculaires
Systeme automatise d’extraction ou d’implantation d’unites folliculaires, comportant : un bras mobile ; un instrument d’extraction et/ou d’implantation monte sur le bras mobile ; une ou une pluraliteExpand
Surgery for Seizures
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses about seizures and related surgical procedures. To be considered for surgery, several basic criteria must be met: (1) ihe seizure disorder must be partial,Expand