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Osteoblasts and their precursors respond to specific cytokines, growth factors, and hormones. One facet of this response includes the secretion of additional cytokines, some of which are part of the circuitry involved in the regulation of osteoblast and osteoclast function. Therefore, understanding which cytokines are able to activate osteoblastic cells and(More)
This paper introduces a preliminary study of synchronisation between packet loss events across concurrent TCP flows. Loss synchronisation is explored over four routing paths – one inside Australia and three international paths (Australia to Asia, Europe and North America respectively). We confirm that loss synchronisation does exist but the level varies(More)
INTRODUCTION Bullous pemphigoid is rare during the childhood. The authors report the 51st case. CASE REPORT Jeremie, a seven-month-old baby, had atypical bullous lesions. Histological examination, direct and indirect immunofluorescence were in favor of bullous pemphigoid. COMMENTS Clinical and biological features of bullous pemphigoid are similar in the(More)