Philip J. Trocchia

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Addresses the socialization process among marketing doctoral students. Four modes of doctoral student socialization are provided from depth interviews conducted with 28 purposively selected individuals. These four modes are based upon two characteristics: degree of program structure, or formal socialization; and degree of student-faculty interaction, or(More)
Although aspirational brands are commonly referred to in the business literature, no consistent definition exists for the term. Further, “aspirational brand” is often used interchangeably with the term “luxury brand.” This study aims to conceptually define the term “aspirational brand”and delineate it from the well-established term “luxury brand.” A sample(More)
The use of identification technology by commercial entities has broad and, for some consumers, disturbing social implications. This two-phase study was done to specify consumers' concerns regarding various identification technologies which may be encountered in retail environments. From the qualitative findings, a 26-item survey was constructed to quantify(More)
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