Philip J. Reed

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Metronidazole, an antibiotic with specific activity against anaerobic bacteria, was of clinical and biochemical benefit in two patients with methylmalonic aciduria. The virtual elimination of propionic acid from the stool suggested that propionic acid derived from faecal bacterial metabolism contributes substantially to methylmalonate production. These(More)
Measuring the development impacts of ICTD interventions continues to be an unresolved problem, especially when trying to include non-traditional development measures beyond economic growth, such as empowerment and social capital. A growing body of work shows that the impact of ICTD programs is more frequently related to capabilities and other non-material(More)
We present a prototype for Fearless Cards, a novel design to help underserved communities such as Hispanic day laborers overcome emotional barriers to learn computer and internet use. Hispanic day laborers experience strong emotional barriers in addition to lacking technical skills: fear, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, and limited English language(More)
We explore the extent to which gender disparities in Pakistan are reflected in the anonymized mobile phone logs of millions of Pakistani residents. Our analysis uses data capturing the communications behavior of several million individuals, for whom we observe the gender, but no additional demographic or personally identifying information. Here, we focus on(More)
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