Philip J. Purnell

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This article offers important background information about a new product, the Book Citation Index (BKCI), launched in 2011 by Thomson Reuters. Information is illustrated by some new facts concerning The BKCI’s use in bibliometrics, coverage analysis, and a series of idiosyncrasies worthy of further discussion. The BKCI was launched primarily to assist(More)
Both citations to an academic work and post-publication reviews of it are indicators that the work has had some impact on the research community. The Thomson Reuters evaluation and selection process for web of knowledge journals includes citation analysis but this is not systematically practised for evaluation of books for the book citation index (BKCI) due(More)
The Central Asian region is made up of a rich diversity in cultures and each country has faced its own challenges and opportunities but a common theme today is that they all to shift towards knowledge-based economies and a key component of that is research and development. This study sought to evaluate output and impact of published research using(More)
The unprecedented volume of research output combined with fierce competition for grant funding and the implications of successful awards has emphasised the importance of careful analysis of research data. Especially in today’s economic climate, strategists and policy makers are under pressure to show the impact of funded research and to justify their(More)
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