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This record analysis describes the obstetric outcomes of a series of 44 pregnancies occurring in 41 women who underwent donor insemination as participants in a private surrogate parenting program between 1981 and 1985. The typical surrogate mother was 25 years old with a high school education and married with one child 2 years old. Twenty-nine percent of(More)
This paper presents general frequency domain criteria for the robust stability of systems with parametric uncertainties. These are applied to the robust stability verification of LTI systems having possibly nonrational transfer functions and LTI systems operating under possibly nonlinear time varying passive feedback.
  • P J Parker
  • 1984
Recent evidence indicates a growing demand for newborn white babies for adoption in this country as well as a decreasing supply. Increasing fertility problems among women are said to be a result of at least three factors: an increased incidence of veneral disease, side effects of contraceptive measures including birth control pills and the IUD, and couples(More)
STUDY DESIGN This retrospective study reviewed the screening practice and seroprevalence of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) among all mothers with live births at a teaching hospital in Montreal between November 1, 1990 and April 30, 1991. RESULTS Most women (94%) were screened prenatally and 5.2% postnatally. Screening status could not be determined(More)
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