Philip J. Kirk

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A double-blind controlled trial of prophylactic factor VIII therapy has been carried out on nine severe haemophiliacs at the Lord Mayor Treloar College. Infusions were given once weekly and calculated to give a post-infusion plasma concentration of at least 0.25 I.U./ml of factor VIII. This regime reduced the overall bleeding frequency by 15%. The bleeding(More)
This study addresses the ordinary activities of passengers in airports. Using observational techniques we investigated how passenger activities are mediated by artefacts, in this the bags that people carry. The relationship between passengers and their bags is shown to be complex and contingent on many factors. We report on our early research in the airport(More)
Changes in blood flow and blood redistribution were measured by impedance plethysmography in the pelvic and leg regions of six male and four female subjects during three 5-min exposures to -20, -40, and -60 mm Hg lower body negative pressure (LBNP). Female subjects demonstrated significantly higher mean heart rate and lower leg blood flow indices than the(More)
Factor VIII-containing materials were administered to four severely affected haemophiliacs twice weekly in doses calculated to raise the factor VIII level to either 15% or 30% of average normal. The pooled results from those patients with statistically similar baseline bleeding frequencies showed a significant reduction in bleeding frequency on both doses(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate a learner-centred, small group CME program intended to improve the clinical performance of family physicians identified as having serious practice deficiencies by the University of Manitoba's Clinical Assessment and Enhancement Program. DESIGN Nonrandomized control trial in which data were collected from patients' charts and(More)
Construction sector application of Lead Indicators generally and Positive Performance Indicators (PPIs) particularly, are largely seen by the sector as not providing generalizable indicators of safety effectiveness. Similarly, safety culture is often cited as an essential factor in improving safety performance, yet there is no known reliable way of(More)
surface immunoglobulin and were characterised by convoluted nuclei and scarce cytoplasm. The cells were 10-15 pm in diameter and were negative for acid phosphatase, non-specific esterase, Sudan black, and periodic-acid Schiff stains. No abnormal lymphocytes were detected in the blood or bone marrow. Cranial radiation and intrathecal methotrexate were(More)
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