Philip J. Hayes

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The Construe news story categorization system assigns indexing terms to news stories according to their content using knowledge-based techniques. An initial deployment of Construe in Reuters Ltd. topic identification system (TIS) has replaced human indexing for Reuters Country Reports, an online information service based on news stories indexed by country(More)
Practical natural language interfaces must exhibit robust behaviour in the presence of extragrammatical user input. This paper classifies different types of grammatical deviations and related phenomena at the lexical, sentential and dialogue levels and presents recovery strategies tailored to specific phenomena in the classification. Such strategies(More)
User interface management systems (UIMSs) provide user interfaces to application systems based on an abstract definition of the interface required. This approach can provide higher-quality interfaces at a lower construction cost. In this paper we consider three design choices for UIMSs which critically affect the quality of the user interfaces built with a(More)
While complete understanding of arbitrary input text remains in the future, it is currently possible to construct natural language processing systems that provide a partial understanding of text with limited accuracy. Moreover, such systems can provide cost-effective solutions to commercially-significant business problems. This paper describes one such(More)
Parsing spoken input introduces serious problems not present in parsing typed natural language. In particular, indeterminacies and inaccuracies of acoustic recognition must be handled in an integral manner. Many techniques for parsing typed natural language do not adapt Well to these extra demands. This paper describes an extension of semantic caseframe(More)
A knowledge representat ion system is presented, based on the use of a semantic net on which a higher leve l s t ruc tu re of frames has been superimposed. The system was designed fo r use w i th a natura l language system f o r f i n d i n g the correct senses of ambiguous words in context . An examinat i o n of several l i n g u i s t i c examples shows(More)
Enteral feeding, in particular with formula feeds, is associated with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). In this study, we have examined, in the systemic and mucosal immune compartments, for evidence of bovine milk antigen sensitization in infants with NEC. Eleven newborns with Bell's staging 2-3 NEC [median post-conceptional age 31 wk (range 27-41 wk)], 21(More)