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We present a system for the visualization of computing literature with an emphasis on collaboration patterns, interactions between related research specialties and the evolution of these characteristics through time. Our computing literature visualization system, has four major components: A mapping of bibliographical data to relational schema coupled with(More)
GraphAEL extracts three types of evolving graphs from the Graph Drawing literature and creates 2D and 3D animations of the evolutions. We study citation graphs, topic graphs, and collaboration graphs. We also create difference graphs which capture the nature of change between two given time periods. GraphAEL can be accessed online at
We report a novel class of V4 neuron in the macaque monkey that responds selectively to equiluminant colored form. These "equiluminance" cells stand apart because they violate the well established trend throughout the visual system that responses are minimal at low luminance contrast and grow and saturate as contrast increases. Equiluminance cells, which(More)
We demonstrate the XISS/R system, an implementation of the XML Indexing and Storage System (XISS) on top of a relational database. The system is based on the XISS extended preorder numbering scheme, which captures the nesting structure of XML data and provides the opportunity for storage and query processing independent of the particular structure of the(More)
Past studies of shape coding in visual cortical area V4 have demonstrated that neurons can accurately represent isolated shapes in terms of their component contour features. However, rich natural scenes contain many partially occluded objects, which have "accidental" contours at the junction between the occluded and occluding objects. These contours do not(More)
We describe an ultrafast time resolved pump-probe spectroscopy setup aimed at studying the switching of nanophotonic structures. Both femtosecond pump and probe pulses can be independently tuned over broad frequency range between 3850 and 21,050 cm(-1). A broad pump scan range allows a large optical penetration depth, while a broad probe scan range is(More)
We present a systematic study of ultrafast all-optical switching of Si photonic band gap woodpile crystals using broadband tunable nondegenerate pump-probe spectroscopy. At pump-probe coincidence, we investigate the behavior the differential reflectivity at the blue edge of the stopband for a wide range of pump-and probe frequencies. Both dispersive and(More)
Analytical, intra-individual, and interindividual components of variation have been determined for pH, pCO2, bicarbonate, base excess, and total CO2 in capillary specimens of whole blood from a cohort of 14 healthy subjects. Calculated analytical goals (SD) are pH less than or equal to 0.008, pCO2 less than or equal to 0.9 mmHg, bicarbonate less than or(More)
Unidirectional intergeneric crosses using octoploid and hexaploid Fragaria species as a female parent and diploid and tetraploid Potentilla species as a male parent were performed, producing in toto 1345 fruits with an estimated 46089 seeds. The germinating seeds obtained by using P. anserina mostly perished at the cotyledon stage, a few developing into(More)