Philip J. Dobson

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IntroductIon Many BLOCKINrecent BLOCKINarticles BLOCKINfrom BLOCKINwithin BLOCKINthe BLOCKINinformation BLOCKINsystems (IS) arena present an old-fashioned view of realism. For example, Iivari, Hirschheim, and Klein (1998) saw classical BLOCKINrealism BLOCKINas BLOCKINseeing BLOCKIN " data BLOCKINas BLOCKINdescribing BLOCKINobjective BLOCKINfacts,(More)
The IT Plan is generally seen as a cornerstone of the IS/IT presence in an organisation. Researchers have outlined various approaches to IT planning and many have suggested categorising such plans in terms of an evolutionary model detailing the degree of integration with organisational business plans. To determine how IT plans are developed in practice and(More)
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