Philip J. Dobson

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A series presenting the results of activities sponsored by the NA TO Science Committee, which aims at the dissemination of advanced scientific and technoiogicai knowiedge, with a view to strengthening links between scientific communities. Recent Volumes in this Series Volume 181—Fundamental Processes of Atomic Dynamics edited by J. No part of this book may(More)
This is the first extensive study of soil protozoa of arid lands. Twenty-six samples from litters, soils, termitaria, and a cyanobacterial crust, collected from central and south Australian arid lands, were analyzed for numbers and species of gymnamoebae, ciliates, and testacea. Amoebae ranged from 1,000-5,000/g of material, and were two orders of magnitude(More)
Characterisation of the protists of cold environments provides important background for assessing the effects of climate change on microbial communities. Tetramitus angularis n. sp., from aquatic environments in Iceland and Switzerland, is the first vahlkampfiid recognised to have a characteristic Tetramitus flagellate stage combined with pre-formed(More)
related active area is the determination of defects and atomic steps on surfaces, and all of these topics have received considerable attention in this volume. Many of the contributions, there are sixty five in all, are excellent but often represent work already published, albeit in a slightly different form. Few of the contributions are really reviews but(More)
Many recent articles from within the information systems (IS) arena present an old-fashioned view of realism. For example, Iivari, Hirschheim, and Klein (1998) saw classical realism as seeing “data as describing objective facts, information systems as consisting of technological structures (‘hardware’), human beings as subject to causal laws (determinism),(More)
It is argued that interpretive case studies can be classified as either describing or explaining a particular research phenomena and as such the researcher firstly needs to finalise which approach they are going to adopt. The article then discusses a number of basic approaches to case study research and suggests an alternative context dependent approach(More)
The IT Plan is generally seen as a cornerstone of the IS/IT presence in an organisation. Researchers have outlined various approaches to IT planning and many have suggested categorising such plans in terms of an evolutionary model detailing the degree of integration with organisational business plans. To determine how IT plans are developed in practice and(More)
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