Philip J. Bernhard

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Let M be a finite-state machine, and let S be an implementation of M. The protocol-testing problem is the problem of determining if S is a correct implementation of M. One known method for solving this problem, called the W-method, has the disadvantage that it generates a relatively large test set. In this paper, we describe three new versions of this(More)
This document discusses the concept of an algorithm designed to locate the optimal solution to a problem in a (presumably) very large solution space. The algorithm attempts to locate the optimal solution to the problem by beginning a search at an arbitrary point in the solution space and then searching in the “local” area around the start point to find(More)
In this paper we report the results of an independent experimental evaluation of an information retrieval (IR) system developed at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). The system, which is called the <i>Advanced Information Retrieval Engine</i> (AIRE), consists of a set of tools and utilities providing indexing, extraction, searching and(More)