Philip J. Balister

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One question commonly asked about software defined radios is “How much memory do I need?”. While the answer depends greatly on the software framework and underlying operating system, this paper describes tools used to measure memory usage on a Linux based system running the OSSIE SCA framework. In addition to the conventional tools commonly used to study(More)
The release of a variety of embedded processor platforms over the past few years has sparked an interest in developing SDRs that are capable of operating on moderate-performance hardware. Currently, the two popular SDR frameworks-the SCA and GNU Radiohave been employed almost exclusively on general purpose processors. However, to utilize one of these(More)
Existing radio communications systems employed in public safety applications today are a disparate mix of equipment operating at frequencies ranging from 25 MHz to 4.99 GHz and using modes ranging from basic analog FM to VoIP. This has created a frustrating and potentially dangerous problem in that first responders from different organizations are often(More)
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