Philip Hodgers

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Side channel attacks permit the recovery of the secret key held within a cryptographic device. This paper presents a new EM attack in the frequency domain, using a power spectral density analysis that permits the use of variable spectral window widths for each trace of the data set and demonstrates how this attack can therefore overcome both inter-and(More)
As cryptographic implementations are increasingly subsumed as functional blocks within larger systems on chip, it becomes more difficult to identify the power consumption signatures of cryptographic operations amongst other unrelated processing activities. In addition, at higher clock frequencies, the current decay between successive processing rounds is(More)
Cryptographic algorithms have been designed to be computationally secure, however it has been shown that when they are implemented in hardware, that these devices leak side channel information that can be used to mount an attack that recovers the secret encryption key. In this paper an overlapping window power spectral density (PSD) side channel attack,(More)
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