Philip Heier

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Synthesis and separation of αα- and αβ-meso-A(2)B(2)-zinc(II) tetraarylporphyrin atropisomers with A = mesityl and B = ortho-phenylethynyl-phenyl are reported. Both isomers exhibit large optical responses upon axial NEt(3) coordination which are visible to the human eye and could therefore be beneficial for the design of smart amine sensing materials. The(More)
Although synthesis and substitution reactions of chlorido chromium(III) porphyrins Cr(III)(TPP)(Cl)(L) (H2TPP = 5,10,15,20-tetraphenyl porphyrin, L = pyridine, H2O, ROH, etc.), have been well-established in coordination chemistry for decades, an unexpected dichotomous reactivity of Cr(III)(TPP)(Cl)(H2O) (1) toward amines is disclosed here. This reactivity(More)
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