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BACKGROUND Gene-set analysis evaluates the expression of biological pathways, or a priori defined gene sets, rather than that of individual genes, in association with a binary phenotype, and is of great biologic interest in many DNA microarray studies. Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) has been applied widely as a tool for gene-set analyses. We describe(More)
Gene-set analysis aims to identify differentially expressed gene sets (pathways) by a phenotype in DNA microarray studies. We review here important methodological aspects of gene-set analysis and illustrate them with varying performance of several methods proposed in the literature. We emphasize the importance of distinguishing between 'self-contained'(More)
Gene-set analysis of microarray data evaluates biological pathways, or gene sets, for their differential expression by a phenotype of interest. In contrast to the analysis of individual genes, gene-set analysis utilizes existing biological knowledge of genes and their pathways in assessing differential expression. This paper evaluates the biological(More)
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