Philip H Slavin

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This paper reconstructs GDP from the output side for medieval and early modern Britain. In contrast to the long run stagnation of living standards suggested by daily real wage rates, output-based GDP per capita exhibits modest but positive trend growth. One way of reconciling the two series is through variation in the annual number of days worked, but there(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the appropriateness of use of coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery in Academic Medical Center Consortium hospitals as judged 1) according to criteria developed by an expert panel, 2) according to revisions of those criteria made by cardiac surgeons from the Academic Medical Center Consortium, and 3) by review of cases by the(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the effects of 2 reimbursement methodologies, fee-for-service and contact capitation, on cataract extraction rates and costs in a stable physician population with little potential for the influence of patient selection. Previous research evaluating the relationship between physician reimbursement incentives and cataract surgical rates(More)