Philip H.S. Torr

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Current state-of-the-art action classification methods aggregate space–time features globally, from the entire video clip under consideration. However, the features extracted may in part be due to irrelevant scene context, or movements shared amongst multiple action classes. This motivates learning with local discriminative parts, which can help localise(More)
Code super-optimization is the task of transforming any given program to a more efficient version while preserving its input-output behaviour. In some sense, it is similar to the paraphrase problem from natural language processing where the intention is to change the syntax of an utterance without changing its semantics. Code-optimization has been the(More)
We propose a new CNN-CRF end-to-end learning framework , which is based on joint stochastic optimization with respect to both Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Conditional Random Field (CRF) parameters. While stochastic gradient descent is a standard technique for CNN training, it was not used for joint models so far. We show that our learning method(More)
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