Philip Gorinski

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This paper addresses the task of finding antecedents for locally uninstantiated arguments. To resolve such null instantiations, we develop a weakly supervised approach that investigates and combines a number of linguistically motivated strategies that are inspired by work on semantic role labeling and corefence resolution. The performance of the system is(More)
Semantic argument structures are often incomplete in that core arguments are not locally instantiated. However, many of these implicit arguments can be linked to referents in the wider context. In this paper we explore a number of linguistically motivated strategies for identifying and resolving such null instantiations (NIs). We show that a more(More)
We present results of a novel experiment to investigate speech production in conversational data that links speech rate to information density. We provide the first evidence for an association between syntactic surprisal and word duration in recorded speech. Using the AMI corpus which contains transcriptions of focus group meetings with precise word(More)
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