Philip G. Knight

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The extent, causes, and physiological significance of the variation in number of follicles growing during ovarian follicular waves in human beings and cattle are unknown. Therefore, the present study(More)
The aim was to investigate potential interactions between FSH and intraovarian growth factors in modulating secretion of inhibin A (inh A), activin A (act A), follistatin (FS), estradiol (E2), and(More)
The mechanisms whereby the high variation in numbers of morphologically healthy oocytes and follicles in ovaries (ovarian reserve) may have an impact onovarian function, oocyte quality, and fertility(More)
Declining FSH after a transient rise coincides with selection of a dominant follicle (DF) and atresia of the remaining cohort follicles (subordinates) in cattle. The objectives of this study were to(More)