Philip G. Adlard

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BACKGROUND Most cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) in recipients of human cadaveric growth hormone present with a cerebellar syndrome. Dementia is thought to occur late and as a minor feature of the illness. However, neuropsychology data published on these cases are largely qualitative and anecdotal. The first published case does include a(More)
Nineteen children with cystic fibrosis and aged between 5 and 13 years were randomized to receive two doses at monthly intervals of either a split-virion influenza vaccine (MFV-Ject, Institut Merieux) or a sub-unit vaccine (Fluvirin, Evans). In those completing the study, there was a satisfactory serological response. There was no statistically significant(More)
Individual tracheid lengths were measured in macerated tissue samples of Pinus merkussii Jungh. and de Vries, P. kesiya Royle ex Gordon (syn. P. khasya Royle) and P. patula Schiede and Deppe. The sample trees were selected from stands of different ages, treatments and sites in central Africa. A sampling unit of 50 tracheids, measured for convenience on two(More)
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